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Ep 108 (Member Bonus): Tobi Lütke, CEO & Founder of Shopify

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This is a preview for an episode exclusively available to My Climate Journey Members. If you're interested in listening to the full episode, you can learn about becoming an MCJ Member on the website: Today's guest is Tobi Lütke, CEO & Founder of Shopify. Shopify as a Canadian e-commerce company with more than 6,000 employees. Its mission is to make commerce better for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products. I was excited about this episode for a few reasons. This is our first members only episode and I couldn't think of a more exciting guest than Tobi to kick off the bonus content; in addition, Shopify is an important company that is not just a huge financial success, but also a company that's deeply committed to purpose. I've heard Tobi talk before about how he wants to make sure that Shopify is a company that's around in a hundred years and that the planet is as well. And it’s this urgent sense of purpose which is what led him to discover the importance of tackling climate change. While he will freely admit that he’s not an expert on climate change, Tobi is a good example of somebody who understands that, as a leader, it's important to care about mission and impact as much as profit. Moreover, he believes there are things that his company and the millions of customers it serves can do to do their part. Shopify recently rolled out a sustainability fund where they committed to spending at least $5 million USD annually to fight for our environment. While it’s just a start, I think Tobi is a good example of how you can come in as a learner, find a way to have an impact and then increase that impact over time. Enjoy the show! You can find me on twitter @jjacobs22 or @mcjpod and email at, where I encourage you to share your feedback on episodes and suggestions for future topics or guests.

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